Tuesday, May 11, 2004


This is the brand new blog for teens of North Reading. In the pilot stage only the lucky few of the YAB (aka Youth Advisory Board) will have access to the URL. But, my hope is that some day this will be a forum for all NR teens interested in books, movies, music and anything else you can find in the library.

In the mean time, the next meeting of YAB is Tuesday, May 25 at 4:30pm in the Teen Corner. Technically there was supposed to be a meeting today, but I messed up. As some of you heard, I was out of the library for a few days (attending meetings and other fun, or not so fun, stuff) and I forgot to email a reminder. Hence, no meeting. So if you couldn't come today....no worries! You didn't miss a thing :)

Make sure you check in from time to time. As I work on this there will be many changes. I'll be adding links, book recommendations, new library items (yes, including manga) and assorted random facts. And let me know what you think....your ideas are what fuel this site!

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