Wednesday, May 26, 2004

What are you reading? (poll)

Just to get an idea of what everyone is reading, comment to this post and share your thoughts.

I'm currently reading two books (I've never been good at doing just one thing at a time). I've been browsing through Crime Scene: The Ultimate Guide to Forensic Science, a general overview of what the characters on CSI do every week. Great photographs and some interesting tidbits of knowledge. Did you know that fingerprints were first used to convict a murderer in 1892? The Call Number for this book is YA 363.25 PLA - you can request it through the catalog.

I also just started Story Time by Edward Bloor, the same author of Tangerine and Crusader. It's the story of two kids who attend a supposedly great magnet school, but as they soon learn....there's something creepy going on! This book is also in the YA collection - YA FIC BLO

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