Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Add FMTC to Your Front Page!

I know some of you have already figured this out, but I wanted to let you all in on something great. You can add this blog to your Yahoo Front Page! (or to a news aggregator if you have one) If you currently have a Yahoo email account, then you have a My Yahoo page (whether or not you use it). With the new beta version of My Yahoo you can add blogs that you want to keep tabs on - like this one! Here are some simple steps:
1. Get the beta version of My Yahoo (there should be a link at the top of your current page).
2. Choose the "Add Content" link
3. Next to the "Find Content" search box there is a link that says "Add RSS by URL"; click on this
4. In the URL field type: http://fmlteens.blogspot.com/atom.xml
5. Click "Add"

You should be all set! Yahoo will check this page for updates and will add the headlines to your My Yahoo page. That way you'll always know when there's a new entry.

For those of you who already know what RSS is, or who use a news aggregator just use the URL above to add this blog.

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